January 2017 -BFT International 02-217

 Classical Hydrophobization and Graffiti Protection developed as a certified all-in-one system.

 Within the framework of a research project of the Central Innovations Program for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ZIM) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Scheidel company and the University of Wismar have developed “HydroGraff”, a product that combines classical non-film forming hydrophobization with permanent graffiti protection.


October 2012 – Press Release
Danger now banished: No longer must anybody in the EU risk death from exposure to DCM paint strippers

Effective 6 June 2012 professional users e.g. painters and decorators, are no longer permitted to use this type of paint stripper. Alarmed by 13 new fatalities reported by the American CDC organizations, EASCR hopes that no EU member state re-introduces this fatal stripper type under derogations in the EU. The association gives thought to how they can best help paint stripper formulators and users in the selection of solvents.

March 2011 – Press Release
EU Directive restricting the Use of Dichloromethane based Paint Strippers passed first deadline

Effective 6 December 2010 producers and importers are no longer allowed to place DCM paint strippers on the EU market. EASCR intends to watch whether highly flammable paint strippers are going to fill the gap as cost-attractive replacement, because this would be as rather critical and the wrong direction.


May 2010 – Press Release
The End for DCM-Paint Strippers: The Clock is Ticking

A digital clock has been counting down on the website of the European Association for Safer Coatings Removal – EASCR. By showing the remaining days, hours, minutes and seconds, it is highlighting the countdown to “zero hour” at midnight on 6 June 2012: From this date onwards, paint strippers containing dichloromethane (DCM) concentrations equal or greater than 0.1 % will no longer be available for private or professional use in EU member states.

March 2008 – Traditional Homes & Interiors magazine
Safe DIY Paint Stripping
Guide to how to strip paint and stay safe with a non-DCM paint stripper or water-based product such as Home Strip® from Eco Solutions Ltd because in recent years the consumer has become more demanding in terms of the environment and their family’s well-being.


Feb 2007 – Bristol Colloid Centre Annual Review 2007/08
Making a Difference
For many years dichloromethane was seen as the only effective way of removing coatings both industrially and in the home! Fortunately someone had a vision of the future.


June 2006 – Health & Safety Matters, June Issue - page 18
Lead limiter launched
British Telecom’s project CBC replaces old technology because dry removal of old cables coated with lead-based paints used to result in unacceptable levels of lead in the air. BT identified Eco Solutions’ Trade Strip product because this “Lead Limiter” penetrates through the CBC (cotton braided cables) and encapsulates any lead particles into the product, allowing safe cutting and removal of the cables.


May 2006 – Double Liaison No 550
Autant de chantiers qui illustrent le changement
Bio-Fluxaf Aqua, un produit écologique sans classe de danger pour le décapage des peintures dans l’Eco Decap Station.
Bio-Fuxaf Aqua an ecological product, not classified as dangerous to be used in the Eco Decap Station for dip tank paint stripping.


September 18-22, 2005 – XVIIth World Congress on Safety and Health at Work (Orlando, USA)
P210-Paint-Stripping Without Dichloromethane – An Approach to Save Lives Worldwide
BauBG (German Industry Insurance for the Construction Industry), EASCR and BGFA (Institute for work medicine of the German Industry Insurance) issue a joint poster highlighting exposure risk and high cost of personal protection for DCM paint strippers.


March 2005 – Salon Couleur et Finitions, Paris on 15 – 17 March 2005
2005 Prix Tendance: Mention Spècial for Décap Gel from Rutolan France.
Rutolan was awarded as appreciation for their trend setting in the field of paint stripping at reduced risk and especially for coating removal in dip tanks.


December 2004 – European Coatings Journal (ECJ) / Editorial
Different future has begun
Gerald Altnau on the choice of a paint stripper
The EU Commission has been investigating DCM paint strippers since 1999, whilst the German Minister for Consumer Protection audited 144 retailers during 2003 and found more than half have been selling DCM strippers illegally. In 2004 the German TV channel WDR registers more than 80 accidents in relation to DCM paint stripping, including more than 35 fatalities within the last 25 years. “Who is responsible?” In October 2004 EASCR was formed to take a position on the EU Commission‘s Working Committee and to educate the market about improved safety in coating removal and cleaning processes.


November 2004 – Prévention BTP
Une technologie de décapage écologique et innoffensive
Le Bio-Fluxaf Aqua Decap révolutionne le monde du décapage des peintures habitué jusquelà aux produits constitués de solvants chlorés. Le témoignage d‘une entreprise corrézienne sur les conditions de travail au sein de son atelier.
Bio-Fuxaf Aqua Décap revolutionises the world of paint stripping, dominated by chlorinated solvents, with a new ecological product.


November 2004 - Press release
"PCB-containing paints stripped safely"
Scheidel, Germany renovates high-school.


August 2004 – Asia Pacific Coatings Journal (APCJ)
Say NO to methylene chloride with eco-friendly paint strippers
Paint stripping is undergoing a face-lift with the development of safe alternatives to systems that contain methylene chloride. Vliegenthart of Holland (licensee of Eco Solutions Ltd, UK) were finalists in the APCS 2004 Environmental Award for the promotion of these technologies to the Asian coatings industry.


February 2004 - Press release
"DIY without danger: Ecological paint stripping"
Eco Solutions, UK offers alternative product range.


January 2004 - Press release
"New ecological Paint Remover - Test Box for all coating removal jobs and surfaces"
  Scheidel, Germany launched the macs® system.


December 2003 - Press release
"First user- and environmentally friendly stripping station"
  Rutolan France launched the first Eco Decap Station®.


November 2003 – Die Mappe
Praxistest beweist: Abbeizer ohne Dichlormethan sind den herkömmlichen Abbeizern in den wichtigsten Belangen überlegen. Es gibt also keinen Grund, dichlormethanhaltige einzusetzen, erst recht nicht, weil es seit Jahren immer wieder schwerste Unfälle damit gibt – auch mit Todesfolge. Scheidel Abbeizer.
Practical test demonstrates: Paint strippers without dichloromethane are superior to traditional strippers. There is no reason to use dichloromethane strippers, especially not, when they regularly cause severe incidents, including fatalities. Scheidel paint strippers.


January 2003 – The Coatings Agenda Europe 2003
How To Select Safer Solvents
The Vapour Hazard Ratio represents a new approach to professional handling of solvents and improving the protection of health and environment.


December 2002 - GIT Sicherheit + Management
DCM-Abbeizer / Riesiges Gefährdungspotential durch verantwortungslose Ignoranz
DCM-paint stripper / Huge hazard potential created by irresponsible ignorance.
For approx. 10 years, the use of DCM paint strippers has been restricted in Germany but still represents 80% of the market. This type of paint stripper is considered cost-effective, but only because it is used illegally and without personal protection. Authorities don‘t sufficiently audit retailers, who themselves don‘t inform customers about the danger of the products they are buying, which is an infringement of existing regulations. As a result accidents continue to happen.


May 2001 - Press release
"And the paint is off!"  
  STS Surface Treatment Systems, Norway launched a new paint stripper.


January 2001 – Press Release
Dr. Gerald Altnau rewarded for his achievements with DBE®
Dr. Gerald Altnau received a special citation for his achievements in the area of handling dangerous chemicals from the German Ministry for Work and Social Affairs. With DBE® dibasic esters DuPont offers an alternative solvent based on sustainable chemistry. DBE® is safer than many other dangerous and can help to replace dichloromethane paint strippers. Official press info from BAuA on Look for BAuA/News/Pressearchiv/Pressemitteilung 2000 “Deutscher Gefahrstoffschutz-Preis 2000 vergeben” – 55/00 vom 1.August 2000